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Home Repair


Keeping It Legal: Understanding Residential Building Codes

Think of codes as examinations: you might not like them, but you need them. When you have passed them, you stand qualified and confident. When you don't have them, you are considered dubious, even though you might have the safest of buildings. Residential building codes, therefore, are essential to the happy ownership of a building or a home. More importantly, they make your building legal. Despite being burdensome, they exist for your own protection. Generally, residential building codes have been developed over time and are a result of an extended learning curve, a curve that has evolved due to experience and careful feedback received from real situations....(more)

The Different Types of Wall and Ceiling Anchors

If you have the right wall anchor, then you can hang practically anything on a wall or from a ceiling. Dozens of anchors are available, depending upon the demands of your project. Some of home repair's most commonly used types of wall anchors are listed below....(more)

Caulk Like a Pro

Caulking can be easy if you know a few caulking techniques. However, without these tricks caulking can be frustrating and look sloppy. Your job will be there for quite a few years. You want to have caulking that is smooth, good looking, and something of which you can be proud....(more)

What You Need to Know About Residential Building Code

If you are planning to start work drafting your dream house it's a good idea to do a bit of research into the residential building code in your area. The regulations set forth in the building code are there to make sure that all buildings are safe to inhabit. The code constantly evolves to keep up with the latest building materials, the latest build techniques, and the most current safety systems. These updates usually only apply to new buildings but sometimes retrofits are required for existing buildings....(more)


Online Diagrams for Standard Electrical Panel Wiring for Home Service

An electrical service panel contains the wiring for your home. Here, electricity comes into the house and is distributed throughout the house. The following diagrams are used to provide some background information on electrical service panel wiring....(more)

Choosing the Right Electrical Ceiling Box for a Repair

Today, many people are attempting their own home repairs to save money instead of calling a professional. There are a number reasons you would need to replace an electrical ceiling box. It could be broken and no longer able to hold a light fixture. You may be replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan and light combination and need a different mount. Sometimes, fixtures come loose and can't be tightened back up. Whatever the reason, you may not know quite where to start. Ceiling boxes come in different materials and shapes. What type of electrical ceiling box should you purchase?...(more)

Easy Installation of Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Installing circuit breakers and fuses is not difficult; the most critical aspect is your safety. The electricity coming into your home's service panel is enough to kill you. Beyond that, installing or replacing circuit breakers and fuses is a simple matter of having the right parts and making a few simple connections....(more)

Outdoor Space

Finding and Using Free Gable Shed Plans

Building a shed is a great way to increase outdoor storage space. However, many may be hesitant to begin construction because of pre-conceived notions about price and time issues. Luckily, there is an easier (and cheaper) way to construct a gable shed without enlisting the help of a professional. There are hundreds of free building plans online that can walk you through the steps of designing and constructing a gable shed....(more)

Free Printable Backyard Shed Blueprints

Need more space to store tools, lawn furniture and equipment or outdoor games? A backyard shed is a handy solution. These printable, free shed blueprints and plans allow you to build your own shed at a fraction of the cost it takes to buy one ready-made, or to have one built....(more)

Getting to the Root of a Perfect Lawn

As summer fast approaches, thoughts begin to drift toward swims in the pool, meals on the patio, and games in the yard. Unfortunately, with a long list of activities set to occur on any given property, it might be time to consider some maintenance and repair of one's outdoor space. Beyond a typical cutting of the grass and cleaning of the shed, there are key steps that can improve the look of the average yard, like lawn aeration. The tips listed below to see a marked difference in a property's appeal...(more)