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Home Repair

Cooling and Heating

Various Ways to Heat Your Home

Each winter people across the United States scramble for the best ways to get and stay warm. The last 20 years have given rise to portable heat packets, clothes that warm you with electricity, and even the Snuggie. Still, the most popular way to keep warm is the home heating system. If you've been looking for a better system for your home, you might want to take a look at some of the options listed below. They are sure to fit any home and any budget....(more)

Air Conditioning Options for Renters

When the weather warms up outside, many people prefer to keep their home cool inside. However, when you rent a home, air conditioning options available to you become limited. When you own a home, you are usually free to install heating or cooling options without consulting anyone beforehand. Renters face the challenge of finding heating or air conditioning options that appeal to the person they are renting from without breaking any of the rules of their rental agreement or lease....(more)

Repairing A Pilot Light Gas Furnace Problem

Most homes use a furnace powered by gas, and these can have all sorts of irritating problems. If you notice that a pilot light on gas furnace appliances in your home is broken, you may have to call in a professional to change it out. You can try to do it yourself, but it is actually a fairly tricky task....(more)

Repairing Your Gas Heater: The Basics

It is vital for the health and safety of your family that your gas heater works properly and is reliable during cold weather. When your heater stops working or malfunctions, there are some steps that you can take for gas heater repair that will save you money on a costly repair bill. While leaks and bigger problems should only be addressed by professionals to avoid injury, you can inspect your heater and fix minor problems. If your gas heater stops working or malfunctions, follow the steps below....(more)


Paint Products Safe for Babies

Whether or not you are a parent, baby safe paint is a safe and smart investment. Fortunately, many paint retailers sell paint products that are safe for babies in many colors and for multiple uses. Find out about brands that offer some of the best baby safe paints....(more)


Finding the Perfect Bolt Extractor Tool

If you're having problems taking out a screw or a bolt from any surface and you have no idea how to remove it, a bolt extractor tool might be the answer. If you have no idea how one works, or where to get one, you needn't worry. This is a list of links that will teach you how to operate a bolt extractor tool and where to get one....(more)

Hacksaws and Hacksaw Frames

A hacksaw is a fine-toothed, thin bladed hand saw that is primarily used for cutting metal and plastic. The phrase, "Use the right tool for the job," applies to this situation. There are different kinds of hacksaws that are used for different situations. The main difference between hacksaw variants lies in the thickness of the blade and how many teeth it has. Generally speaking, the more teeth there are, the finer the blade. Blades range from 32 teeth per inch to 14 teeth per inch. Almost as important as the blade is the frame of the hacksaw. The way it holds the blade or the tension of it, the durability of the frame, and the cutting capabilities are all things that must be considered before selecting a hacksaw for use....(more)

The Most Practical Tools for Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding

When attempting to repair damaged vinyl siding, having the right tools is the key to success. Vinyl siding tools include a zip tool, mini pry bar, utility knife, tape measure, a hammer and nails. Without these, repairing vinyl siding becomes difficult and tedious....(more)